I miss..

Hi guys, I know this would be a waste of time to read. But I just don’t have anyone to talk to.. So yea, I woke up being sad, I really miss A LOT of people, my father, my best friend, and it sound weird, but I do miss Jessica.. so much. I remember summer 2012, I spent 2 months sitting in front of my computer, tweeting and posting all about Jessica Sanchez.. Which I don’t do anymore because of school. Before, the moment I wake up, I can check her twitter and see for updates and tweet her good morning and everything. But now? Because of being sooo busy, I often check her profile and I don’t know anything about her anymore.. I just miss that feeling when she replies to my tweets.. That amazing feeling! :( And knowing I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! She’s here in the Philippines for a week? But I didn’t got the chance to see her and she’s leaving today.. I still have to wait for a year for another chance. And by that time.. I promise.. I’ll do everything to see her. Whatever it takes! She just got that something! Hearing her songs makes me wanna cry with all the stuffs I’m going through. So I kinda want to thank her for inspiring and making me strong.. I know she won’t know that, because I’m just an ordinary blujay, not like the others that she knows their name and everything.. And that’s one more thing that hurts. Haha! Someday Jessica.. :) SOMEDAY.


1. Be on the VIP and meet & greet (which I can’t be in there)

2. Wait for Jay outside and ask for some hug, and a MIRACLE. 

3. Sneak out on the backstage.. which is impossible..


Uh, any suggestions? I’m dying to meet Jay :( <3

Love is in the air!! &lt;3 

Love is in the air!! <3 


Hi Jay! I need to tell you something very important that I just need you to know this! I know there’s 1 out of 4,444,444 for you to notice this. But I just have to try. I just want to tell you………………………………………….. THAT I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU :’) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING <33 That’s all :p

I love this &lt;3

I love this <3

Made my July :) &lt;3

Made my July :) <3

Ustream of Jay awhile ago. They&#8217;re so sweet I&#8217;m jealous and at the same time COLTJESS heartbreak &lt;/3

Ustream of Jay awhile ago. They’re so sweet I’m jealous and at the same time COLTJESS heartbreak </3

THIS IS THE SECOND HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Jay just replied to my tweet TWICE!! <3 Missing her was all worth it :’) 

Jessica:  Ustream tonight #blujays? :)
  *Thought of my appointments for the day*
Me:  Oh no not now Jay :(
  *Waiting for the UStream before leaving..*
Me:  Ugh, no I won't miss this UStream. CANCEL everything. :p <3
  *WAITING....... WAITING...... WAITING.....*
Me:  Oh :( Jay must be asleep now.. :( I miss you Jaaaaayyyy!!! <3
Now:  Waiting for an explanation.. Lol <3
I miss this girl ;)

I miss this girl ;)

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